Today, education is not just for young people but there are several institutions offering continuing education and enrichment programs for adults. For example, adults who would like to pursue a high school diploma or are from non-English speaking countries and wish to develop their linguistic skills can now find appropriate adult education programs.

Schools and courses

Adult education options like a high school equivalency or GED, or English language courses can be found at various adult education centers around the US.  Adults who wish to explore more adult education options or who don’t have adult education centers nearby can approach their local high school or college. Many public high schools and colleges have special adult high school programs designed for their community’s educational needs.

For example, the TriDistrict Community Education in Inver Grove Heights, MN offers programs like GED, ABE and ESL. Another option for adult education is an online high school like Park City Independent which offers courses online so working adults can indulge in self-paced learning.

GED and adult high school

Adults who wish to pursue a GED can also choose from several preparation classes, with several of these classes available online. These courses can help adults prepare for the 4-part GED test, which contains an arsenal of math, science, social students and language arts. A GED can better job prospects for adults or be the stepping stone to higher education.

You may find these programs listed under various different names like adult high school or adult secondary education. These high school diploma equivalent programs at an adult high school are the same as those at a conventional high school. If you are 18 years old and over and meet the criteria set by the state in which you reside, you can opt for these adult high school diploma programs.

Where are these programs offered?

Community colleges or technical/vocational institutions are your best bet at finding adult education programs apart from online organizations. GED courses may also be offered at independent school districts. While GED testing centers are more commonly found, those may or may not provide study courses.

Language acquisition programs

Non-native English speakers or adults who are new to the English language can choose English as a Second Language (ESL) or English Language Learner (ELL) programs. Some of these programs may also bundle citizenship classes for adults if they wish to become U.S. citizens.

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