Career Options with a Degree in Child Care Management

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Degrees focusing on child care are usually offered at the associate degree level. For the bachelor and master’s level, child care falls under early childhood and child development course names. These programs provide interested students with a variety of areas to specialize in. The typical curriculum for the programs includes learning methods, child psychology and multicultural education and they all involve experiential learning.

Since child safety is also a key concern in this field, most programs will also cover first aid, community health, ethical and legal issues as well as psychology.

Career options

Graduates in Child Care Management and related courses can pursue a number of careers at different levels. The common careers focus on Montessori Early Childhood Education, Instruction and Curriculum, Leadership and Supervision, Teacher Aide and Preschool. At the managerial level, one can become a child-care facility administrator or hold any other leadership and supervisory role. For these positions, a college degree is often needed.

For direct contact with children, a career as a child care worker or preschool teacher can also be pursued. Child care workers have the responsibility of caring for children in the absence of a guardian or parent. They plan educational activities to engage children both physically and mentally. Preschool teachers on the other hand teach children how to interact by helping them gain basic social skills.

Industries of concern to child care management

With a degree in child care management, individuals may work in different sectors of the economy. However, the key industries that employ professionals in this field are Education and Health.

Other participating industries include Communications and Media, Government, and general businesses. All these will require some understanding of child care especially if they have a product intended for the children.


Child Care Management degrees at any level contribute in one way or another towards the welfare of children in the society. Since children are complex beings still undergoing development, understanding them helps make better plans and decisions for a better society.

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