What degrees can I pursue?

While there are no master’s degrees available in culinary arts, there are a wide variety of corresponding master’s degrees in food-related areas such as food science, nutrition and food studies that you could pursue.

Usually, culinary arts degrees are associate’s or bachelor’s degrees. While both these degree levels can help you get job ready for the food service industry, also consider specialized fields like pastry arts, menu planning or international cuisine. Due to the extremely practical nature of the courseware, there are no online courses for a culinary arts degree.

What will you learn?

The culinary arts degrees are all about practical skills applicable to the food service industry. You will be cooking or baking in a test kitchen where you will be supervised and trained by master chefs. You’ll also learn about food safety as well as different sanitation and preparation methods. You will also learn critical management skills to handle a restaurant business or food business such as accounting, merchandising, marketing and human resources.

A master’s degree is not only geared to developing practical culinary skills but it will also enhance your knowledge of food history and the role of food in the social environment. You may also learn about dietetics, food production industry and animal science. This is because master’s degree programs in culinary arts focus on the academic angle.

Additionally, you could be involved in the beverage industry with wine appreciation courses.

What will I accomplish with these degrees?

An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in culinary arts will qualify you for jobs in restaurant kitchens or in a management role in the food business. Roles of the kitchen that you can hold include head chef, sous chef, pastry chef or line cook. You can also become a personal chef by catering to private clients. You could also try working at bakeries and catering companies.

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