What You Need to Know About Online Certificate Courses

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What are online certificate courses?

Obtaining training on specialized job skills over the Internet can be classified as an online course. Basically, online certificate courses are career-specific courses in a number of fields ranging from cyber security to archeology.

Benefits of an online course

While many young people start working early, online education is a convenient way for them to continue with education in order to better their job prospects in the future. Online certificate programs are also a great option for adult education as adults can pursue these courses from their own homes or alongside work.

All courseware and assignments are received and delivered online so one only needs to have access to a computer with Internet connection. Students can make use of online chat rooms, video conferencing and various message forums to interact with professors and their peers.

Outline of online certificate courses

Online certificate courses are aimed at getting people job ready in specific fields. An online degree program will cover a niche topic in thorough detail and will not usually include generalized topics.

You can find associate, bachelor, master and even doctorate level programs online. Programs differ in their prerequisites to take them as some will need a high school diploma while others may ask for a degree in that field.

Certificate programs that focus on a specialized career will usually be at undergraduate level. Many schools will also allow the transfer of credit to a degree program as a lead on earning a degree in that stream.

Length of online certificate programs

The length of online certificate programs differ according their subject and syllabus. They enable the student to enter into the workforce as soon as the program is successfully done. Typically, they are short in duration – ranging from a few months to two years.

Accreditation and credit transfer

When opting for online education, look for an accredited online degree program, which means that the program adheres to quality standards set by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE). Visit www.ope.gov for a list of accredited institutions and programs.

Credits earned through an accredited online degree program will offer an additional benefit of transferring credits to another school.

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