Universities majorly provide 3D animation course at the bachelor’s level. The degree program in 3D animation aims at equipping the learners with appropriate computer knowledge and skills. There are various categories of 3D animation degrees. Learners who have an interest in the area of digital animation are expected to pursue Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation. The degree enables the students to create characters and images using 2D or 3D animation.

Essential Information

3D animation degree is acquired in approximately four years. Interested learners should have a minimum of a high school degree. The students are taught how to use the latest computer technology to develop digital content that is transformed into special effects, 3D images, cartoons, and animated content.

The present demand for animators by production companies is high. Additionally, the animator can access a lot of freelance work opportunities from international clients. Students can register for online computer animation course if they are interested in distance learning.

Animation Degree Program

Computer animation topics comprise the major component of the degree program. Learners also undertake topics such as character development and storytelling methods. Students learn techniques of 3-dimensional imaging, scripting, 2-dimensional skills, and storyboarding.

The curriculum has two areas. The first area is general education that offers general knowledge courses like research methods and management. The second area is animation courses that are technical; for example, scripting, digital imaging, and 3D animation.

Employment Outlook

Demand projection for animators and also multimedia artists between 2012 and 2022 is 6%. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicate that the 2014 median wage of animator was $63,630. This compensation is attractive, and thus students are encouraged to pursue a career in 3D animation.

A bachelor’s degree in 3D animation is sufficient qualification for an animation career. The growth of animation career is majorly influenced by high innovation levels in animation and graphic software.

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