A sound engineer installs and operates audio electronic equipment that is used during concerts, events, television broadcasts, recording studios, theaters and more.

What are the degrees offered in sound engineering?

Bachelor’s degree programs in sound engineering or audio engineering are available at most renowned schools. These courses equip students with a background in sound theory, musical instruments and sound recording technologies. They acquire skills needed to function in audio production, which is a useful skill that finds application in industries as varied as sports to music festivals.

Some courses prepare sound engineers in specialized areas such as live sound, sound contracting, audio design, computer programming, sound contracting, music theory and acoustics.

What courses do I need to take?

A bachelor’s degree program in sound engineering will include training for the newest technology to be used in the industry, and the best practices that are applied in audio production. Alongside general curricula, you will be undertaking some of the specialized subjects like music theory, physics and computer programming as well.

An internship is part of the course, which will give you an opportunity to showcase what you have learnt by building a portfolio of your work. Some of the courses that make up the bachelor’s degree program in sound engineering are:

  • Audio technology
  • Live sound
  • Digital audio
  • Sound design
  • Recording techniques

Are these courses available online?

Bachelor’s degree programs in sound engineering are not available online due to the extremely practical nature of the course and the fact that training will have to be done in an actual sound studio. Theoretical subjects like music theory and music production can be availed of online through distance education if you would prefer to enrich yourself.

What jobs can I do?

A number of different jobs like audio engineer, sound designer, production engineer or sound producer are just some of the career options.

Best Schools

Some of the best schools that offer a great mix of the technical and creative aspects of recording, mixing and mastering music where you could pursue a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) in Recording and Production.

  • American University in Washington, D.C.
  • Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh
  • San Francisco State University in San Francisco
  • De Montfort University in Leicester, UK
  • SAE Institute, UK
  • Bangor University in North Wales, UK
  • Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta
  • University of Denver in Denver

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